Greetings travelers of the world wide web and welcome to my digital domicile. I am Father Basil Warrenfells, the Digital Deacon. I am a Deacon of the Western Rite Communities of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia. I serve at Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church in Mountain Home, Arkansas. I am on the media and communications team for Western Rite Communities of ROCOR, as well as webmaster and guestmaster to my own local Church. I am bivocational, and so also work in IT for a local telephone company in my area.

The purpose of this page is to serve as a nexus of information, communication,blogging, as well as essays and articles on the Orthodox Church, the theology of her faith, with the goal of passing along my limited amount of knowledge to those seeking to know more about the Orthodox Church. Also, my goal is to work with other clergy of the Orthodox Church to help bring their Church into the twenty-first century by ensuring that they possess and maintain a sufficient digital footprint for effective outreach and evangelization in our modern age. The Orthodox Church lags behind the rest of Christendom in maintaining an active and meaningful digital presence in this modern age. Many people do not know about the Orthodox Church, and I find that to be a sad circumestance when considering the information age in which we live. It is my wish to affect change to fill this gap.

I am by no means suggesting a replacement of active and local ministry, for the Christian faith is an active faith, and a living expression of God's love. I simply seek to expand our presence, and therefore the awareness of our world towards the Orthodox Church. Our faith is a journey, and it is a journey I look forward to sharing with you.

Do please excuse the mess. this page is under construction, and not all the links will work as long as this notice is still up. Thank you for your understanding.